Dominica Trip Highlights – GoPro 3

Dominica is full of activities for those that enjoy active travel. One thing is for sure you don't go there to sit on your butt all day. Enjoy highlights of our trip to the Nature Island and keep an eye out for more at

Locations in order of appearance:
Trafalgar Falls – 0:09
Hot Springs at Trafalgar Falls – 0:20
Cocoa Cottages – 0:24
Rosalie Bay Green Turtle – 0:33
Valley of Desolation – 0:36
Boiling Lake – 0:40
Titou Gorge at beginning of Boiling Lake Hike – 0:43
Titou Gorge Canyoning – 0:52
Victoria Falls – 1:21
Rivière Cyrique falls – 2:04
Hike out of Rivière Cyrique – 2:16
Driving through Soufriere – 2:55
Scott's Head – 3:01
Snorkeling at Champagne Beach – 3:12
Whale Watching with Anchorage – 3:25
Picard Beach – 3:34

Music Featured:
Recess by Skrillex
All Is Fair In Love and Brostep by Skrillex

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  1. This looks awesome!!

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